The Puppy Hood Designer was build for free to support you on finding a hood matching your puppy personality.

K9 Neo
Neoprene Puppy Hood

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The Puppy Hood Designer is created for you

To support the community Jax developed that tool, to offer the community the possibility to create a nice preview of new custom puppy hoods and share them with friends.

Du benötigst Unterstützung oder suchst nach einer zweiten Meinung? Dann werde Teil der Community und tritt einfach der Telegram-Gruppe bei.

Please note: Even if Mr. S Leather has approved that project, there is no official support or provision payed.

The Puppy Hood Designer is a non-commercial project, not made for any commercial purposes, designed and developed by the community and no official project by Mr. S Leather.

The Neopren K-9 Puppy Hood is property of Mr. S Leather, San Francisco. If you need help or support with your hood or order, please contact the customer support of Mr. S Leather.

This website is intended to be used for visualization of customized Puppy Hoods and demonstration of the development project itself. Mr. S Leather has granted permission to publish this website without any restriction. Legal / Imprint

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Neo601C / Material: Neoprene
Neo K-9 Puppy Hood by Mr. S Leather